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What is Geocoding?

Delhivery’s Geocoding API takes an address with pin, city, and state as input and converts this information into geographic reference positions to be placed on a map, be it for any street, area, postal code, POI, or a house number, etc. It also provides the confidence radius of the result which is a measure of horizontal accuracy and indicates the actual address will be within the radius of x meters around the predicted geocode.

API request format


Note: To get an API key, you can send a request to us at


    "data": {
      "address": "Delhivery Corporate Office, Sector 44, Gurugram",
      "pincode": "122003",
      "city": "Gurgaon",
      "state": "Haryana"

API responses

Response details

Sample response

success status_code
request_id result
True 200 Request has been processed AX34687667877689 {“geocode”: {“lat”: 28.454736, “lng”: 77.070171},“confidence_radius”: 24}
False 400 Invalid query parameters provided in input. Caused due to either missing keys or invalid data type for a key. AX34687667877689 {}
False 401 Authentication token is invalid. AX34687667877689 {}
False 403 Authentication token is forbidden to access the API. AX34687667877689 {}
False 429 Too many requests. AX34687667877689 {}
False 500 Error occured: request data: with error_details: <error_details>. AX34687667877689 {}
  "success": true,
  "status_code": 200,
  "message": "Request has been processed",
  "request_id": AX34687667877689,
  "result": {
    "geocode": {
        "lat": 28.454736,
        "lng": 77.070171
    "confidence_radius": 24